Ranting Rules – There are points I totally disagree with – such as not naming the party in error, and not ranting from/with a passion

There were commenters who have contributed points such as blogging from a position of freedom, which includes passion. My contribution to this set of comments is that: I don’t think a ranting person who names the guilty is automatically a jerk (because WHAT IF a passionate rant that chooses an independent path COMES FROM a decent, credible being, albeit not following many of these rules due to the uniqueness of his/her viable approach and freedom to express such with individual passion?) when he or she names the party in error – How else could you offer a solution if there is no party in error so named or a specific authority over that party to resolve the matter? Does it really embarrass the REAL jerks, the objects of the rants, who have done something OFFENSIVE to cause the rants and complaints in the first place? And why is it forbidden to use the term “complaints” (an implication from one of the comments)? Does it automatically mean “nagging”, such as Letter of Nagging being synonymous with Letter of Complaint?…Or does it ALL truly DEPEND on a mature approach and in THE WAY EVERYTHING IS PRESENTED, up to and including the particulars on the errant/offensive parties (these offenders are stupid, really, but we hesitate to call them such in our actual rants [although when accompanied by psychologically measured brain assessments, even that can be carefully presented and explained])…? That having been said, there’s always room for clarity from cold hard facts. It’s the unbeatable factor in ranting – From Someone Who Rants In Her Blogs [Past and Present] A Lot (me!)

Polish Up Your Soapbox: How to Rant Without Being a Big Stupid Jerk.


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