Original Introduction

We do have a section in WordPress where they host editor blogs for beginners. This site was originally conceived by myself as a go-to instant reader, first of the Longreads’ collections (with commentary from me here and there), then later, of WordPress editor posts; but circumstances were such that I’ve been fortunate to have encountered stumbling blocks on my way to reblogging success. The effect was that I had to use “Press This” instead; because remember (if you’ve read it), I posted here (I have deleted the post) that I couldn’t reblog/I couldn’t use the “Reblog” facility in WordPress (long story). The result?

The actual articles are hosted in their original blogs (but accessible from here); thereby providing greater space in this blog for more links that could be helpful to others. Furthermore, these links would continue to fascinate me (and also elicit further comments from me/even posts in my other blogs)! These pieces, by the way, might one day be buried so deep that it would be hard to get to them (but not impossible) if searched for manually. The links were made by the editors themselves, and were merely transferred here through Automattic’s “Press This” tool.

This is my blog too so yes, I’ll be making an occasional comment although I don’t require it of myself for all posts. A newer feature here: I have also included the WordPress prompts that I might respond to, given the time of course (this time thing is clouded with the uncertainty of its actual availability so I will make no promises). I have not closed the comments section so anyone is free to make a comment if so inclined. Welcome to the wonderful world of editors’ posts at WordPress!

Penny for your thoughts?

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